Customer : Michale John
Category : Investment
Date : 21 March, 2017
Status : In Process
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Tags : finance, investment


Production Maintenance and project value maximization

MAINTENANCE. Project Aguablanca, maintaining production during the fall in prices of metals from 2008-2009, of the open-pit mine and concentrator plant Ni y Cu, for LUNDIN MINING.


MAXIMIZATION. Project Aguablanca, maximization of the project value and cash flow generation of the open-pit mine and concentrator plant Ni y Cu, for LUNDIN MINING.

MAINTENANCE. As director of the mine, generate and evaluate scenarios for production to be maintained, without negative cash flow, during the fall in prices of metals that occured during 2008 and 2009. All without compromising safety and ensuring an operative future of the mine when the market returns to stability.

MAXIMIZATION. As director of the mine, propose and achieve implementation with a drill-to-mill philosophy in the mine, even incurring higher operational costs, to help eliminate bottlenecks in the plant, especially related to semi-autogeneous mills, in order to improve the overall financial figures of the project.

MAINTENANCE. | Assessment and evaluation in collaboration with the plant´s techno-economic viability department of the treatment of gossan minerals. Obtaining cleaning and classifaction parameters.| Business planning and simulation for different scenarios, optimizing work platforms, minimizing their dismantling ratios, and establishing the number of tons and the best regulations for extraction. Verifying that the given scenario will not compromise future viability for mining. | Negotiating fixed pricing with principle contractors.

MAXIMIZATION. A team of our own staff created for the implementation and control of drill-to-mill. | Involvement of suppliers of explosives and principle earthmoving contractor. | Coordination with the plant´s data analysis and result evaluation department. | Process implemented based on a strategy of steady improvement from 2005-2006.

MAINTENANCE. Mining output was maintained at 1,9 Mta before the drop in prices, lowering the mining costs by 30 % and, therefore, without generating a negative cash flow. Despite restrictions, the dismantling ratios were established at a limit that did not affect the future viability of mining.

MAXIMIZATION. A 9 % increase in hourly productivity of the plant.

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